#145 The need for violence

In the natural world, fighting, pain and struggle will always exist. Whether or not you like violence it is a part of life that you must learn to accept. In the animal kingdom it is a part of every day life. In previous civilizations, men were judged by their ability to fight and hunt. ThisContinue reading “#145 The need for violence”

#113 Rain rain, go away.

There’s something satisfying about rain. While it can seem like just another perturbance by Mother Nature, cancelling a trip to Disney Land, ruining an outdoor trip or photo shoot, it may be a way of reminding us to sit back and let things unfold. “The more we value things outside our control, the less controlContinue reading “#113 Rain rain, go away.”

Daily blog #93

Lessons from a rock- There are endless lessons to be taken from nature. Yesterday I spent my day exploring Yellowstone and Teton National Park. Here’s what I learned from the rocks I spent time with: 1. Be still 2. Just like water and wind, life chips away at you, stay strong and persevere 3. BeContinue reading “Daily blog #93”

Daily blog #92

Senses– Many of us are so fortunate to be gifted with all five senses. Walking through the forest in Jackson, Wyoming I am reminded of the importance of continuing to harness them. In the modern world its easy if not inevitable to lose touch with these gifts we are born with and often take forContinue reading “Daily blog #92”

Daily blog #57

Simple man One of the great things about being on the road is the reminder of how little we need. Food, a place to sleep, fresh clothes and a shower among some other necessities like shaving or a power source for electronics and internet. Oh and we can’t forget brain fuel (coffee).. Being away fromContinue reading “Daily blog #57”

Daily blog #29

Privileged It’s 8am as I type after watching a breathtaking sunrise at Joshua Tree National Park. I love going into nature when I can because of it’s beauty but also to be reminded of the inequalities of life. We are all cursed and blessed uniquely, it’s what makes us human and different from one another.Continue reading “Daily blog #29”