Daily blog #92


Many of us are so fortunate to be gifted with all five senses. Walking through the forest in Jackson, Wyoming I am reminded of the importance of continuing to harness them. In the modern world its easy if not inevitable to lose touch with these gifts we are born with and often take for granted. Our noisy world can dull our senses in order to adapt to our environment of digital media and communication. In nature you have no choice but to sharpen them, it is in fact meant to look out for wildlife who camouflage perfectly with their surroundings which could be your next meal or your next predator. Without training they will quickly become dull and lame.

One of nature’s many marvels is in fact those who lose their sight or hearing and make up for it tremendously in the other senses. Without such misfortunes we might not have produced the great Ray Charles, Hellen Keller, Anthony Robles or Stevie Wonder who went on to impact the course of history. Imagine if they had given into self pity like so many and given up on the world. Rather they choose to make nature work for them. In the same way when we insert ourselves into nature we amplify the senses we possess and come to life in the way we were intended. This may not seem practical living in a high rise and working from home in Los Angeles but I assure you, there will not be a negative impact from learning to see better and listen better. This sensitivity might save you and your mate from danger, a very likely scenario, especially in today’s world.

Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not. -Jeremiah 5:21 The Bible

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