Daily blog #93

Everyday we live and die-

Off the beaten path in Yellowstone National Park

Driving through the Teton National Forest on the way to Yellowstone you are constantly cautioned to “Beware of Bear”, drive carefully for crossing wildlife, watch out for falling rocks and avoid climbing certain areas. What National Park management understands is their role to advise you to the best of their knowledge while allowing individuals to judge what is best for themselves, with the obvious exception of breaking laws such as damaging park property or harming wildlife. This enables some to get as close as possible to steal a photo of a moose or a mountain lion, while others, like my parents, won’t go near the edge of a cliff without a tree to hold onto.

Ultimately each person decides how they live or die. The adage “no risk, no reward” couldn’t be more fitting. Our society and civilization are rewarded by the risky decisions of others, evident by those who fly to the moon, win wars, capture fascinating pictures of nature or the law enforcement officer who has to walk up to a car every day wondering if the person will conduct themselves in a civil manner. Peculiar are those who view many things as “dangerous” yet get into a car to drive to the store (in a report from CO, a high percentage of fatal car accidents occur within 5 miles of the driver’s home). Let us not forget that the potential for danger is everywhere in life, even at your home. Some will take the risk of owning a firearm (accidental injuries are higher than you would think) while others will take the risk of not owning a firearm. Through trial and error the Martial Artist develops a deep understanding of the relationship between risk and gain while remaining grateful to “be” and have health to do what he/she loves most.

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