Daily blog #93

Lessons from a rock-

In Martial Arts, you must learn when to be “water” and when to be “rock” here I am with my Sensei in Yellowstone National Park!

There are endless lessons to be taken from nature. Yesterday I spent my day exploring Yellowstone and Teton National Park. Here’s what I learned from the rocks I spent time with:

1. Be still

2. Just like water and wind, life chips away at you, stay strong and persevere

3. Be patient

4. Don’t overreact

5. Regardless of what’s occurring outside (rain, snow, wind, fire), you don’t have to change on the inside.

6. Surround yourself with those like you.

7. Whether you’re at the top of a mountain or at the bottom, you’re still a rock

8. You don’t get to choose where you start in life, and sometimes life decides where you’ll go

9. Sometimes people need you to lean on and give them strength

10. The ones you butt heads with the most, are just like YOU

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