The Secret to Getting Ahead in Training is… Well… Training. #281

We all want to get ahead, whether in life or in our respective craft. As a kid, how good did it feel to be first a race, win a board game or get the most answers right on a test? This is the benefit of friendly competition or just competition in general. It does wondersContinue reading “The Secret to Getting Ahead in Training is… Well… Training. #281”

Setbacks and the grandiosity of ego #280

Recently I was set to compete in ADCC’s Open tournament just days before the highly anticipated and prestigious Pro Event for trials winners and returning champions or medalists. ADCC has been colloquially dubbed “the Olympics of Jiu Jitsu” due to the fact it takes place every two years along with the incredible talent of participants,Continue reading “Setbacks and the grandiosity of ego #280”

Relationships in BJJ #279

A man is not measured by age but by his achievements. -Robert Bradley Not too long ago, a friend and BJJ student of mine, suggested that I write a blog about “relationships within the BJJ or Jiu Jitsu community”. Unknown to her at the time, I initially met the idea with resistance until I cameContinue reading “Relationships in BJJ #279”

Start writing your tombstone. #278

Have you ever wondered to yourself what your tombstone might read? What got me thinking along such mortal lines was a business course I took years ago which encouraged setting three, five and ten year goals before picturing yourself in a coffin and planning out the details of your funeral from what kind of foodContinue reading “Start writing your tombstone. #278”

Get over yourself… #276

When I started Jiu Jitsu as a teen, I had the privilege of seeing my brother Steve experience success in the cage as an MMA professional and on the tatami in the sport of BJJ. I remember being so accustomed to seeing him win, it was a almost a shock for him to lose. IContinue reading “Get over yourself… #276”

If I had a million dollars… #275

If you won the lottery today how much in your life would change? Would you buy a new house, mistreat people or become dangerously overweight? Would you control your money or would it control you? My good friend and mentor has always said to me “money has it’s cachet”, and this is true when itContinue reading “If I had a million dollars… #275”

Still don’t give a f*** #272

In the spring of 2018, my life had met an all time low. I had just undergone reconstructive surgery after sustaining a fully torn ACL and meniscus, which had kept me from training at any championship capacity, once the MRI revealed that surgery was in fact the necessary step to return to competition. On topContinue reading “Still don’t give a f*** #272”