#212 Showing up is easy

To reach such a peak, there is no particular set of skills required (a guide may be advised lol) but rather that you bring yourself and your best, be present and put one foot in front of the other. While that seems easy enough, too many are unfamiliar with this idea. You will see thisContinue reading “#212 Showing up is easy”

#211 Technique and f*** it!

Everyone at some level or another learns that there is a level of technique needed to be proficient in any given discipline. There also comes the time when you need to say fuck it and just “GO!”. As much as there is a need to be precise and calculated, the day will come where itContinue reading “#211 Technique and f*** it!”

#208 You aren’t lazy, you suck at learning…

We all have something we want to be good at. Cooking, school, sports, health, etc. We all personally know a good amount of people struggling to accomplish even the most simple of goals like lose weight. One of the fortunes of my profession is that it allows me to be surrounded by highly motivated andContinue reading “#208 You aren’t lazy, you suck at learning…”

#207 The Good, The Bad and The Mature.

From the beginning stages of my development as a Jiu Jitsu practitioner to the more advanced stages I found myself viewing things in Jiu Jitsu as good or bad. What you must come to understand is that all positions have their inherent values, strengths and weaknesses. By doing so you remove such limits from yourContinue reading “#207 The Good, The Bad and The Mature.”

#206 The gift of hard work

Today friend reminded me of the benefits that accompany coming home physically and mentally exhausted after a long day of work. Instantly I could recall the times I had been injured and unable to fully participate in my regular routine of lifting and Jiu Jitsu (sometimes twice a day) which led to difficulty sleeping. Now,Continue reading “#206 The gift of hard work”

#205 Travel light

In many circumstances, speed is not only of the essence, it is critical. It’s only superior being is timing. As I move my belongings from one home to another I am reminded of this fact. My possessions are few outside of a bed, a tv, a bookshelf along with clothing and a few miscellaneous itemsContinue reading “#205 Travel light”

#204 Time waits for no one

Today marks the one year anniversary of my decision to stop drinking and smoking (cannabis). If I started at the date of my choice however, January 1st would mark one year rather than December 26th. What is the significance of a mere few days you might ask? It is our natural tendency to procrastinate. HowContinue reading “#204 Time waits for no one”

#203 In Jiu Jitsu, it’s not what you know.

One of the best things about Jiu Jitsu, as with many things in life, is that you must go further than speculation. A frustration with today’s world are those who live their lives in a world of theory. While theory is necessary for generating ideas, they cannot be allowed to trump what actually has worked.Continue reading “#203 In Jiu Jitsu, it’s not what you know.”

#202 Lessons from cleaning

Nothing will teach you the importance of every task like cleaning. Dusting, mopping, sweeping are all created equally and necessary for the finished project. A good engine, after all is the sum of each of its parts. No detail can be spared or left out, everything must be accounted for to create a sparkling kitchen.Continue reading “#202 Lessons from cleaning”

#201 Get it done

Recently, I’ve been seeming to allow my blogs to pile up posting 2-3 at a time versus my regular daily post. This of course has me scrambling to post them and get them out. What is the significance of this? Sometimes when faced with challenge the perfectionist needs to take a backseat, because at theContinue reading “#201 Get it done”