What is love? #263

Meet Ninja

If you were looking for a deep dive into what loves is, you will likely find yourself deeply disappointed. Rather you should think Will Ferrell classic “Night at the Roxbury”. I recently got a dog which as it so happens just sort of fell into my lap. For those who know me, there is hardly a need for “activities” to stay occupied, much less, responsibilities outside of my immediate goals yet here I was bonding with this little pup named “Monica” who I have since renamed Ninja. Does anyone else share my disdain for giving pets human names? In any case, I digress…

For some time I have been convinced that the dog life was not for me. How ever would I maintain a lifestyle that demands frequent travel with the mobility and ease necessary. Not to mention, if I were a dog, my choice would be a far better caretaker than me. Perhaps one who’s aspirations were not to be a Jiu Jitsu world champion or travel all over competing. A one year old canine would no doubt be best served living with a romantic young couple or perhaps a loving family who could afford the attention and care that would suffice.. Needless to say, life has a funny way of playing out.

So far things have worked out perfectly, due to her size I’m able to take her to work and if she’s ever home there are plenty of roommates who will care for her in my absence. She’s very calm overall, especially in car rides unlike my last beauty Sophie (displayed below). In my opinion, this is illuminatory of the notion that we must venture beyond hypothesis to discover the truth.

I find this worth sharing due to the fact that I love this dog for no reason, most certainly not from picking up her steaming crap that I found on the turf last week! Lol. I once heard Jordan Peterson on a podcast describe love as “the desire that everything will flourish rather than everything will suffer” and I couldn’t think of a better way to put it. This accurately describes not only the way I feel towards Ninja when she looks at me with that pleading face but my family and Jiu Jitsu. Maybe this world needs more Frenchies to teach them how to love.

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