#227 Your soul on display

Many people believe that BJJ or Jiu Jitsu tournaments are merely about achieving medals and recognition in the sport. While that is true, who doesn’t want to be respected for their efforts, there is something to be said for the reality of fighting and its effects on the human mind. Fewer things will drive aContinue reading “#227 Your soul on display”

#219 Calluses…

Earlier this week while taking a kettlebell course at Team Hargett taught by my brother Steve, I was reintroduced to the all too familiar feeling of blisters. The kind that your hands form, on the verge of tearing with each swing making it more plausible. At first thought, it is irritating. Few look forward toContinue reading “#219 Calluses…”

#218 The Fearless

When you have lost the fear of change, the fear to start from scratch, you have found true power. By clinging to what is, you lose sight of what can be. Sometimes losing everything is the birth of something new. Embrace change, fear remaining the same. Life is a constant flow which demands constant motion,Continue reading “#218 The Fearless”

#168 “You win or you learn”

Oftentimes you will hear a coach or a family member repeat this phrase “you win or you learn”. While there is truth to the idea that losses can highlight areas of weakness, making you reevaluate your process more deeply, it is not to say that this is only possible through losing. In fact, it isContinue reading “#168 “You win or you learn””