#219 Calluses…

Earlier this week while taking a kettlebell course at Team Hargett taught by my brother Steve, I was reintroduced to the all too familiar feeling of blisters. The kind that your hands form, on the verge of tearing with each swing making it more plausible.

At first thought, it is irritating. Few look forward to the blisters that will be formed through hard work. Over time you will find that blisters, soon to be calluses are an indication of the path to reward. They are a source of pride for the many who have them.

Your body is not the only thing to grow callus but also your mind. What you must know, is that in order to gain expertise in any endeavor you must seek to callus yourself. That is the way of hardening yourself to reach a goal.

Unfortunately, many do not understand the simple concept and choose to avoid it mentally, physically and emotionally. By knowing that it is part of the process can we position ourselves to gain so much more out of our lives by recognizing the “calluses” we are building which are necessary in order to discover our best version of ourselves.

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