Daily blog #91

The Heart of America

Today my travels took me into the state of Wyoming where I am currently driving to Jackson (yes I am driving while typing shhhh). The reason I’m on my phone while driving is experienced a unique moment during my stop in the tiny town of Marbleton, with a population of 1,000, which left an impression. I couldn’t believe the warmth I was greeted with by every single person from the clerk to the woman who made my sandwich, the man mopping the floor and a few customers. People actually look you in the eye and say Hello! In LA or New York the experience couldn’t be more different. When I’m at Ralph’s or Stater Bro’s half the time I can’t help but wonder if the employees ringing me up or bagging my groceries should be on a suicide watch list.

Why does it seem as if the closer we get to the blue collar working the class, the more there is a sense of appreciation for what has been given with little sense of entitlement. Growing up in Vietnam this was also the case. It was common to meet kids my age who came from poor families who had every reason to feel let down yet they were grateful to be able to play soccer with what you could hardly call a ball while seizing any opportunity that came their way. Texas is much of the same. Not only are people more thankful for the things they have but they respect hard work and hard work is rewarded.

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