Daily blog post #90

You first”

Many of us have learned that in order to accomplish anything GREAT in life it will demand the effort of others. To do that it will require countless selfless acts for the good of the overall goal.

Something that can hold us back is…. You guessed it, OURSELVES. So often, you will hear others talk about “self love, self care, etc” while it is important to care for yourself and love yourself sometimes the idea can be misinterpreted. It’s no secret that the BEST WAY to help others is only achieved by taking proper care of YOURSELF. But…

For many, finding balance means you will have to put others before yourself OFTENTIMES more than you will agree with. That is why it is so so hard to become self made. Taking care of your body with exercise and proper eating or your mind with education is ONLY so that you may help others achieve something they want. Can you think of a time when someone helped you and it made you want to help them? Surely you have. If not, you may want to consider if you are entitled, if you haven’t already….

Don’t get confused like so many others. You deserve to achieve your dream IF you put in the work. Putting others first is a CHALLENGE and you will find those acts in the strongest and bravest men and women. The ones who we can learn from DO NOT do it for personal gain. They simply do it because it is the right thing and the universe rewards them.

So, take care of yourself. It’s easier to be nice to people when you’ve had a good sleep. You are less worthless when you are strong and able to physically help someone. If you are educated you can solve more people’s problems. By aiming to do good, you will be surrounded by like minded people who also do. There is no “I” in team although you are VERY IMPORTANT.

Just ask yourself.

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