Daily blog #89

Everyone who has committed to mastery of a subject (jiu jitsu, fitness, education, occupation) knows what it’s like to suffer. Sometimes we become so focused on the difficulty of the task it makes time pass even slower. What comes to mind is the old cliche “time flies when you’re having fun”.When you notice your mind becoming focused on the negative there are two main approaches one can take. The first one dwells on how uncomfortable the task is where you tell yourself things like “this ten seconds feels like forever” while the other perspective sees the ten seconds as the time you have to get better at your skill. This inner dialogue sounds more like “I only have ten seconds to reach my top speed”. What you’ll notice is not just a difference between positive and negative self talk but a desire to use the time to see yourself get better. Not only is it more productive but more rewarding. After all, you aren’t there because you hate what you’re doing, in some way, shape or form there is love. Love for the way you feel after, the way you look, the confidence you receive from being strong or whatever! Life is a game of inches and when we lose ground key moments throughout the day it can takr away from something we not only enjoy but is good for us. When we are able to have little victories like getting more out of your school or workouts we push ourselves closer to our potential and our goals which is a rewarding feeling.

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