#145 The need for violence

In the natural world, fighting, pain and struggle will always exist. Whether or not you like violence it is a part of life that you must learn to accept. In the animal kingdom it is a part of every day life.

In previous civilizations, men were judged by their ability to fight and hunt. This equated to their ability to provide food and security to their mate and tribe. It was also a means to garner respect among their peers. Due to the comforts of modern life we are no longer required to eat what we kill but it is important to appreciate the work that went into it.

In the interest of survival preparedness is key in order to defend yourself when necessary. Occasionally the threat of violence alone is enough to prevent conflict. And when not, you’ll be glad you went to the lengths you did to be ready for all out combat.

Violence is a part of life. – It should be remembered that violence is a part of everyday life now. You see it over the tv. You can’t just pretend that it does not exist. -Bruce Lee

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