#113 Rain rain, go away.

There’s something satisfying about rain. While it can seem like just another perturbance by Mother Nature, cancelling a trip to Disney Land, ruining an outdoor trip or photo shoot, it may be a way of reminding us to sit back and let things unfold.

“The more we value things outside our control, the less control we have.” -Epictetus

Just North of Big Sur with AK

At the same time some of us fully enjoy sleeping in to the sound of pitter patter on your window or enjoying a warm fireplace while nature gets a bath. In the same spirit those with health interests often enjoy the feeling of a good sweat. Lululemon, the athletic wear company, has their own fraternity of the world’s sweatiest leaders Sweat Collective.

Kauai circa 2018

Some of the most beautiful places I’ve visited (Washington, Oregon, Kauai, Northern California) are known for their torrential downpours resulting in an exceptionally green and scenic landscape. They are also home to a rich and abundant wildlife. Interestingly enough most animals seem to avoid the rain as well and seek shelter. Luckily for the BJJ Community, Jiu Jitsu is an indoor affair 🙂

Private lesson with my good friend at his home Jiu Jitsu Church!

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