The little things #112

After a long day at yesterday’s competition I took advantage of a full night’s rest. Through the course of my Sunday morning which is usually spent on my MacBook with a coffee or two, i was just getting ready to join the rest of the family outside for some water activities (paddleboard, canoe, swim) in the creek at our Airbnb when the doorbell rang.

At 12pm on a Sunday we weren’t expecting anyone but perhaps one of our visitors from the night before had left something. As I went to answer it, I was surprised to see an older woman and her daughter or granddaughter standing there, mask and all, with a tray full of fresh cookies.

“Hi we’re the neighbors, we just wanted to stop by and give you guys some cookies.” To which I thanked her and accepted their gift after some small talk. What struck me was the casualness of her visit. Is this somehow the norm? I wondered. To which I discovered from all my Texan friends after a quick post on my social media that it very much is.

This got me thinking. Growing up in Vietnam, even being a “foreigner” we experienced this from the locals. Neighbors would often bring food, drinks or fruits from their house and vice versa. Living in California however, I have never experienced this. While I’m sure there ARE Californians who do extend this hospitality as I’m sure there are Texans who do not, in the few times I have been to Texas the people have shown to be more genuine and friendly.

My point of this is that it’s easy to forget how little it takes to extend a kind gesture to those who make up our community. Being on the receiving end, although I’m not a big sweets person (yes the cookies were delicious) I am reminded of the fact that it doesn’t take much to make someone close to you feel good. Long love cookies as gifts!

More cookies, less problems.

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