#114 Three Generations

When you’re exposed to something frequently it’s only natural to lose your sensitivity to it as you grow familiar. For me, this happens with my parents, who will be sixty eight soon, who like me train Jiu Jitsu (my Dad has even done a couple tournaments and placed silver). Last night I was reminded of this fact when both parents joined my older brother Steve and I in a class taught by my brother-from-another-mother Victor Hugo (P4P #1 in the world) at Robbie Rabadi’s Jiu Jitsu and MMA academy in Pfluegerville, (Austin) Texas.

Upon arriving and exchanging warm greetings, as is custom in Texas and especially Rabadi’s, I met multiple students who approached me to comment how amazing it was to see my parents (39 years of marriage) on the mats together with us full of good spirit. In a previous post about how inspiration is everywhere I referenced them but it makes me happy to know that even to this day I can find new levels of appreciation for them. After all, I can’t think of any 67 year olds who:

  1. Are active
  2. Train Jiu Jitsu
  3. Sparr
  4. Have done a tournament over the age of 65 (mom excluded)
  5. Have goals of achieving the rank of black belt

Not to mention that they are also a couple, and seemingly happy as ever. Having witnessed this at my academy and others I can honestly say that being on the mats with your parents or with your kids is something every parent should experience at least once… Ok a few times. The first obstacle is getting on the mats and being comfortable which is a breeze if you find THE RIGHT academy. One can only hope to be doing so well at that age, I sure do.

(Left to Right) Niece Aria, Dad, Me, Victor Hugo, Steve, Robbie Rabadi after a great class

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