Daily blog #57

Simple man

One of the great things about being on the road is the reminder of how little we need. Food, a place to sleep, fresh clothes and a shower among some other necessities like shaving or a power source for electronics and internet. Oh and we can’t forget brain fuel (coffee).. Being away from home can be a good reminder of what is essential to your survival and your ability to be productive. Occasionally there are periods (say in an airplane) where you don’t have internet access and although slightly inconvenient can help you discover other avenues such as reading, writing or listening to music. To me this is not only part of life but important to being a Martial Artist. To be able to adapt and make the best of any situation is a freedom in itself, knowing you are not bound by a laundry list of “needs” like so many. It will also help you enjoy the comforts that are available to you at home as well as the people who make up your family. In a world full of fear and negativity a dose of positivity never hurt anyone, it is the champion’s only salvation that despite all odds and circumstances there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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