Daily blog #58

Warrior soul

Beneath our skin lies a common feature deeper than blood and bone. It has brought us through the most challenging of times and the bloodiest of battles. An energy so strong that even to this day science does not know it’s full capacity. It is our fighting spirit, our will power, the grit we each posses either until our last breath or till we decide to give in. But the modern man or woman faces a problem. They lack a medium through which we can express and satisfy the wild nature we possess as humans.

Ever since the beginning of time man has engaged in feats of both strength and intellect. Two small boys playing naturally engage in friendly competition (that’s at least how it starts) from wrestling to sword fighting or slap boxing. It starts as a game of tag, a race up the stairs or a contest to see who can do the most push ups. Challenges and competition enable us to discover our true potential, without it a runner would never accomplish the extraordinary feat of breaking the 4 minute mile. These physical feats require a beast of a man or woman who is both smart and strong, and even with these qualities there is no escaping the physical and mental fight that will take place. Fighting is the greatest revelation of who you are. Some will argue that they aren’t a fighters but the truth is we all are. If you can foresee yourself having to protect yourself or a loved one, strengthening your body, mind and soul daily is essential. Inmates take to exercise instantly without the advice of any professional as a way to prepare themselves for conflict. And conflict is a natural part of life, the day it ends, so do you.

We must acknowledge who we are as humans, failure to do so can lead to spiritual death. Look to those who have built a life that ultimately took them farther from what they loved. Few will argue that being a millionaire with bad familial relationships and poor health is success, yet there are those who aspire to becoming one. There is nothing wrong with the accumulation of money but when it’s value is placed higher than our basic human needs. Many of us know our happiest days come around those we love, doing what we love with a great state of health to enjoy it all. At the end of the day, life requires us to be a fighter. We can choose accept the challenge and grow or we can make excuses and deny ourselves the right of knowing who we are.

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