Daily blog #59

Silver lining

Every now and again we arrive at moments in life where the negative drowns out the positive which can lead to feeling sorry for yourself and wondering if you’re doing the right things. Even for the strongest and most optimistic of us, life isn’t all rainbows and roses. It can be hard to snap out of a funk and remind yourself how good life is. It happens to the best of us, losing your job, a serious injury or even just the stress of it all can make life seem bleak while reducing your productivity. Instead of giving in and allowing those thoughts to manifest, take a few minutes to put your energy into recognizing how good you have it with the understanding that others are managing with so much less. Your home, your food, your health are just a few of the many reasons we have to breathe and be grateful before wasting any more time dwelling on what could be better.

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Jiu Jitsu, Health and Daily Improvement with my family!

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