Daily blog #2

A Leap of Faith

Many things involve a leap of faith. Some things we may regret but most we will simply go on with life and even hold fond memories. That time you got the courage to go ask your now significant other out on a date. The time you applied for that job and are now a huge part of the company. Or even the nerves you get performing in front of thousands of people as an artist or a public speaker, yet you move and influence millions of people worldwide.

I have a suggestion. It is that you use your nerves as a compass and follow it. Some of the best things in life will come from that phone call or conversation you wanted to put off. In nature we had to deal with the unknown daily and it made us highly adaptive as a result. Understand what is at stake if you do or don’t do what it is that you want to avoid. Program yourself to make the decision that makes you grow the most.

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