Daily Blog #1

 “I will induce others to serve me, because of my willingness to serve others.” So simply stated is this verse in the  Napoleon Hill classic, Think and Grow Rich. I’m not a religious person but I have read the Bible and there’s a verse, or part of one that has always stuck with me. It goes “give and it shall be given you”. Although vague we can agree it’s pretty simple. Many of us will even recognize its validity, yet most of us struggle when it comes to action.  

My observation, mostly through my own experiences, is that we are held back by self obsession. We feel that we deserve to be applauded or encouraged for the things we do. But ask yourself, does a plummer expect to be congratulated for his work or is he just doing his job?

By choosing to dwell on how we are being affected by our actions (such as writing a blog or vlog) we hold back and miss opportunities to positively impact others. If you acknowledge this (maybe you already did) you’re a step ahead.

Recognition is the first step, how else do you expect to fight it? Self awareness, self acknowledgment, acceptance however you may phrase it, is the first battle. We must own it if we plan to do anything about it. 

The next step is to design a plan that corresponds with the specific outcome we desire, whether it’s money or great experiences. I choose the latter. 

The final step is action. The good news is that power is yours. You are as much the problem as the solution. By doing more for others, the more you will attract those like you. Over time you will develop relationships with people who will want your success almost as much as you do. The only thing stopping you will be the daily battle with your good ol’ pal from Day 1. Self obsession. A good exercise can be to ask yourself daily. What did I do selfishly and what did I do selflessly? If the “selfish” list is longer you know what you need to do. Selfish deeds are necessary for survival and general well being but we must not let it consume us.

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