Daily Blog #3

Riots and Martial Arts

Riots… Not actions of warriors but of the weak. Rioters are akin to the one year old who cries and throws their toys on the floor to get your attention. Although the one year old lacks the cowardice of the rioter. Their actions are impulsive and instinctive, “I need this problem solved!”, they cry. The rioter only acts strong in large numbers. Alone, the rioter will tremble at the knees like a frightened puppy because there is little depth or substance beneath the surface. No values, no morals, no code and worst of all no heart. An empty vessel.

Had the rioter been trained in Martial Arts from a young age things might have been different. They might know what is honorable and what is not, what is an act of strength and courage and what is not. If the rioter were a Martial Artist they might have the skills to uphold their values and protect what they is right. Instead they succumb to weakness.

Martial artists are familiar with the Japanese term “Bu-shi-do”. Bushido translates to “the warrior’s way”, the code by which the Martial Artist lives. The essence of Bushido is to die. When faced with life or death, the samurai must learn to choose death. Self-sacrifice over personal gain. A hard way of life that requires constant practice and discipline. Such is the way of the warrior.

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