#171 It doesn’t have to be fun..

Over time, we discover that much of life boils down to finding your balance. While discovering your passion and committing fully to it is something enjoyable, it will mean knuckling down on days where you don’t want to. Example: I and many others who have discovered the beauty and empowerment of mastering your strength, enjoyContinue reading “#171 It doesn’t have to be fun..”

#168 “You win or you learn”

Oftentimes you will hear a coach or a family member repeat this phrase “you win or you learn”. While there is truth to the idea that losses can highlight areas of weakness, making you reevaluate your process more deeply, it is not to say that this is only possible through losing. In fact, it isContinue reading “#168 “You win or you learn””

#166 Stillness

Last night I was flipping through Netflix looking for something to occupy my mind and I came across Magnetic, a jaw dropping film about athletes traveling to the worlds most remote locations. It’s hard to tell what’s more impressive between the athletes themselves and the spectacular views from the islands of Hawaii to the FrenchContinue reading “#166 Stillness”

#164 Its not about fighting

Many of us, like myself, are drawn to the nature of fighting and being capable in a physical altercation. For as far back as the history books will take us, we have wrestled, boxed and found ways to fight each other. There is an allure to being “the knight in shining armor” who can beatContinue reading “#164 Its not about fighting”

#157 There’s always something..

Something that occurred to me yesterday, while tagging along with Rafael for his “recovery day”, is that there is always something we can be doing to get better, even if it is resting. What matters, is that it goes along with your purpose. Getting stronger, getting in a better state of mind, better sleep, moreContinue reading “#157 There’s always something..”

#155 Inner strength

Deep within the soul lies your our true strength. Strength that can only be reached by being broken. Only when the spirit is tested and the will is bent to a degree that would cause any normal human to give up. When you give in, and you will, that doesn’t mean you are weak, itContinue reading “#155 Inner strength”

#154 Shed your layers

It’s Monday and after a great day of rest for many it’s the perfect opportunity to get out into the world and build your dream. Say goodbye to the old you as you begin to fill the shoes of the person you are trying to be. Accept you are at this moment while knowing thereContinue reading “#154 Shed your layers”