#171 It doesn’t have to be fun..

Over time, we discover that much of life boils down to finding your balance. While discovering your passion and committing fully to it is something enjoyable, it will mean knuckling down on days where you don’t want to.

Example: I and many others who have discovered the beauty and empowerment of mastering your strength, enjoy going to the gym and exercising. In any case, the day will come where your interest has dwindled. Perhaps you are tired and unmotivated, or it’s your least favorite group of exercises etc.

The key to remember is why you are even doing it in the first place. Sometimes we can fall into doing only what satisfies us at that moment, a reason that many people cannot follow a diet or exercise plan. By reminding ourselves of what we have to gain (good appearance, quality of life, confidence, etc) it’s easier to motivate ourselves to get it done.

Another consideration is that not everything in your life has to be fun. In fact, the vast majority of your training or nutrition will hardly be memorable. Think of a basketball player who practices free throws daily, shooting thousands of shots over the course of a given week. It’s not enjoyable work but it is well known that free throws make the difference in key moments of a game.

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