#166 Stillness

Last night I was flipping through Netflix looking for something to occupy my mind and I came across Magnetic, a jaw dropping film about athletes traveling to the worlds most remote locations.

It’s hard to tell what’s more impressive between the athletes themselves and the spectacular views from the islands of Hawaii to the French Alps. Despite the raw beauty that surrounds them throughout the film, their feats do not come without an unparalleled degree of risk and danger.

It must be a wonder to some why these thrill seekers must literally put themselves on the brink of death to experience peace. But only those who have gone beyond their comfort zone are familiar with the stillness that follows.

It is understandably no easy feat to do what these athletes do, but on more than physical level. Many can attest to the fact that the emotional war is much harder to overcome in sports. The nerves, the pressure, the stress, the uncertainty all culminate to a point of pure adrenaline and focus which lead to a high of sorts. The peace that one might expect to follow only a war.

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