#179 Jiu Jitsu is not for “big men” but big hearts and brains…

How I love this art which never ceases to rip the ego from the heart of small men hiding behind a large muscles and a mean scowl. Those who walk around the gym with their chests puffed high as their egos themselves. In their case ignorance certainly is bliss. Ignorance of the frightening ease with which a smaller man could take them to school with hardly even a sweat.

Big for nothing bodybuilder getting choked unconscious by female black belt 🥋

It’s no secret that the toughest looking of men are rarely the ones who stay the course. Too great is the price of taking lesson after lesson from a smaller man who has had to learn cunning and resilience through the rigors of daily Jiu Jitsu practice. Without a daily dose of humility a man can quickly become big for nothing.

In Jiu Jitsu, dealing with a strength and size disadvantage is not only common, it is the norm for your everyday student. To no surprise there few who can last all the way to black belt. Like the story of the old miner looking for gold, many stop just inches from finding it.

One of the most impressive sights in Jiu Jitsu is easily the women who almost exclusively train with larger opponents, most of whom are men. It takes a unique level of tenacity and skill to accept that you will not have a physical advantage in any conquest and still go on to develop a winning attitude collecting arms and necks along the way. Not only is this inspiring to say the least, but it should put a little fire underneath your seat, begging the question “what’s stopping you big guy?” 🙂

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