#178 Artificial technique doesn’t get real results

If you have been around combat sports for a long time, or hopped on a social media platform and started perusing techniques, it wouldn’t take you long to find some incredibly beautiful looking techniques.

Some of the moves you come across will be effective while some will not or they will simply be dramatized for the sake of attracting an uninformed viewer. For the casual observer who may not be aware, “fancy” techniques are awesome and a sight to behold, but understand that the very nature of fighting is expression of oneself which is not always pretty.

I once fell into the trap of practicing showy techniques that looked cool until learning that the most important aspect of techniques is whatever keeps you from getting your ass kicked!

Here I have chosen some Muay Thai videos to depict the savagery and beauty that can be displayed in a fight. While we certainly desire to have technique that looks great sometimes the most important thing is to get the job done and stay alive (queue Bee Gees) no matter how it looks!

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