Daily blog #34

Persistence Every day we are presented with opportunities to grow, sometimes in unexpected ways. I’ve been committed to learning Portuguese for over a year although sadly you probably wouldn’t know hearing my shitty attempts. Recently the unexpected happened, I ran into a lesson which I could not for the life of me get past. ForContinue reading “Daily blog #34”

Daily blog #33

Do it for the thrill Today I applied to be on the Fight 2 Win BJJ card in Austin, Texas on July 10th. I hadn’t planned to fight until August but my brother, who is scheduled to fight in that event suggested it and I agreed. Shortly after applying, I was greeted by the excitementContinue reading “Daily blog #33”

Daily blog #32

Do early birds actually get the worms? In Malcom Gladwell’s book Outliers he quotes a Chines proverb- “No one who can rise before dawn three hundred sixty days a year fails to make his family rich.”. To give some context that quote comes from a rice farming area in China. It is extremely tedious workContinue reading “Daily blog #32”

Daily blog #29

Privileged It’s 8am as I type after watching a breathtaking sunrise at Joshua Tree National Park. I love going into nature when I can because of it’s beauty but also to be reminded of the inequalities of life. We are all cursed and blessed uniquely, it’s what makes us human and different from one another.Continue reading “Daily blog #29”

Daily blog #17

What everyone in Jiu Jitsu is missing… Ok the title was dramatic.. I agree. But we all hit plateaus in Jiu Jitsu, especially in the beginning stages. It’s common to feel like you aren’t making the progress you should. There will even be times where you feel like you’re getting worse. Encouragement from your coachesContinue reading “Daily blog #17”

Daily blog #7

Life is a black coffee Do you drink coffee? Chances are that you do, it’s one of the most widely consumed beverages on the planet. The coffee bean looks like nothing special from the outside. It smells good but tastes bitter, most people prefer it with milk and sugar. It’s usually served boiling hot andContinue reading “Daily blog #7”