#229 Do it now

How many times has a great idea come upon you only to be lost until it resurfaces years later? Resist the need to ignore your inspirations and procrastinate, no matter how big your idea, you must start. Starting can mean many things but usually the most important is to avoid your idea becoming a fleetingContinue reading “#229 Do it now”

#204 Time waits for no one

Today marks the one year anniversary of my decision to stop drinking and smoking (cannabis). If I started at the date of my choice however, January 1st would mark one year rather than December 26th. What is the significance of a mere few days you might ask? It is our natural tendency to procrastinate. HowContinue reading “#204 Time waits for no one”

Daily blog #34

Persistence Every day we are presented with opportunities to grow, sometimes in unexpected ways. I’ve been committed to learning Portuguese for over a year although sadly you probably wouldn’t know hearing my shitty attempts. Recently the unexpected happened, I ran into a lesson which I could not for the life of me get past. ForContinue reading “Daily blog #34”