#204 Time waits for no one

Today marks the one year anniversary of my decision to stop drinking and smoking (cannabis). If I started at the date of my choice however, January 1st would mark one year rather than December 26th. What is the significance of a mere few days you might ask?

It is our natural tendency to procrastinate. How many times have you heard or said the words “I’m going to start Monday” or “next month I’m going to start my diet”? You’ll be quick to recognize it is actually a fairly common human trait. Sadly, many who claim “they will” don’t. In sales when a customer says “let me think about it and get back to you” this, in a majority of cases, means they will not make a purchase.

One year ago exactly, I remember vocalizing my plan to my brother Steve, who responded with “Why start January 1st and not now?” Fair question because there was no reason.

If you want to lose weight, why wait another day or month if it is really what you want? As humans, we like to put things off, failing to recognize the power of immediate action. In combat, being first is one of the biggest advantages one can have. So too with our goals, why wait when you can have time on your side with a few days, weeks or months head start.

As we head into the new year, I wish you all a successful year in regards to the goals you set for yourself and urge you not to wait. Rather, start right fucking now, and when you do reach your goal you will have added the additional skill of immediate action which will be carried into every facet of your life and work.

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