#164 Its not about fighting

Many of us, like myself, are drawn to the nature of fighting and being capable in a physical altercation. For as far back as the history books will take us, we have wrestled, boxed and found ways to fight each other. There is an allure to being “the knight in shining armor” who can beat up any bad guy.

As you mature and evolve as a fighter, there is a distinction many of us come to. It’s that fighting actually has more to do with how you are developing yourself. Perfect technique with no character will never lead to victory. Without care for others you will never be a part of a winning team. Surrounding yourself with the wrong people or person will lead to your demise.

It is not to say you cannot experience success otherwise. You may, but it will be short lived. Or there will be no one to share it with. At the end of the day, fighting should build you as a person just like a house with a proper foundation. Fighting demands that you slowly and consistently chip away at your weaknesses. Like armor with no cracks, it will outlive you as will the legacy you leave.

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