#176 thought experiment

Here is a game I play with myself that I think more people should. “What if everyone close to you died and it was just you one day?” Now I understand this is an incredibly morbid way to think and wish this upon no one but there is a reason for this.

At the most rudimentary level, man’s survival is dependent on their own work and intelligence. While having a team and family is important and arguably the greatest experience of one’s existence it can result in a very negative characteristic. Complacency. And we all should know that complacency kills.

I am not saying you should dwell on the possibility of it but rather consider what it would mean for you to still achieve your goals? Or would you even have the same goal? Many of us are familiar with the classic Zig Ziglar quote “success is when preparation and opportunity meet”. Without anticipating what is likely the worst case scenario for yourself how could one adequately plan for the future?

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