#163 Contrast

Balance is an important quality we struggle to find, as artists, as warriors and as humans. We are all good and bad, violent and peaceful, caring and uncaring. Without being familiar with both sides it is hard to truly know the other. Take Jiu Jitsu, known as the gentle art, as an example. You canContinue reading “#163 Contrast”

#162 In Jeong we trust

Years ago I watched a short video on BJJ and training lifestyle in South Korea. What stuck with me the most out of the clip was the instructor talking about something called “Jeong” that Jiu Jitsu supposedly offers. Now although I can’t for the life of me find the video, I went a little deeperContinue reading “#162 In Jeong we trust”

#160 Humility and Confidence

As a warrior, self confidence is paramount. As a student, so is humility. The journey of a Martial Artist aims to unify the best of both worlds. In combat, there is no time to fear or doubt but only to move and move with certainty. Second guessing is never rewarded. In life also, those lackingContinue reading “#160 Humility and Confidence”

#158 The Queen’s Gambit

If you haven’t already started watching the chess drama on Netflix, The Queen’s Gambit, I recommend it. It’s an amazing story about a gifted young orphan, Beth, who becomes mesmerized by the game of 64 squares. There are many parallels that can be drawn from this show to one’s life. One being that in herContinue reading “#158 The Queen’s Gambit”

#149 Simple Joys

As time passes, you find that some things which gave feelings of discomfort are rather enjoyable. Such as the feeling of a burning muscle on an arm that was previously injured and unable to perform exercise. Curious is the mind.. How can something at one moment provide us with satisfaction and at another moment disdain?Continue reading “#149 Simple Joys”

#147 The Will to Win

Arguably man’s most precious resource is his will. The will to survive has brought us to this modern civilization we are a part of. It was will which put the Wright brothers in the air, built Henry Ford’s V8 engine and Thomas Edison’s lightbulb. The highest degree of skill and mastery of technique in MartialContinue reading “#147 The Will to Win”

#141 Stick to it.

Sometimes one of the hardest things we face in life is to remain steadfast. That means staying strong in your core beliefs, your values or moving towards your purpose. Life is hard, even for those who seem to have everything. We will all face moments where we want to give up. Moments where summoning everyContinue reading “#141 Stick to it.”

#140 The Gain of Pain

The adage of “no pain, no gain” might be tried and true. But it is also misunderstood. First, pain is a signal. It’s that check engine light that comes on. A sign that something is wrong and should be investigated. Hiding from it certainly won’t fix your car and neither will ignoring it but sometimesContinue reading “#140 The Gain of Pain”

#138 Rags to Riches

Tonight I witnessed Brian Ortega versus Chan Sung Jung, more commonly known as the the Korean Zombie. Ortega had a flawless performance displaying his much improved striking since losing to Max Holloway in a title fight that awarded Ortega his first and only loss. I remember seeing Brian Ortega fight in some Jiu Jitsu tournamentsContinue reading “#138 Rags to Riches”