#149 Simple Joys

As time passes, you find that some things which gave feelings of discomfort are rather enjoyable. Such as the feeling of a burning muscle on an arm that was previously injured and unable to perform exercise.

Curious is the mind.. How can something at one moment provide us with satisfaction and at another moment disdain?

Perhaps it’s just a reminder that things tend to flow and change. While cutting weight we may crave ice cream but after a thanksgiving dinner it might not be so tempting.

With this understanding few things are good or bad, but rather we are reminded that hunger is the best seasoning, we enjoy the cold on a hot day, and fatigue makes rest seem like an amazing gift. With balance, life becomes easier to enjoy. Yin and yang.

Published by chrishargettjj

Jiu Jitsu, Health and Daily Improvement with my family!

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