#255 The Way

After watching some episodes of current Disney hit The Mandalorian, the phrase used by the Mandalorians “this is the way” stuck with me. In Martial Arts “do” or “tao” often describes the path or the way, this is evident in words/phrases like Bushido or the Tao of Jeet Kun Do. While “the path” is meantContinue reading “#255 The Way”

#249 Keep BJJ Simple Stupid

As a young BJJ practitioner I often found myself drawn towards the many different techniques BJJ had to offer, whether it was berimbolos, de la riva guard, x guard, etc. I believe that as a lower belt it is important to leave no stone unturned when it comes to learning techniques. After all, you don’tContinue reading “#249 Keep BJJ Simple Stupid”

#199 Jiu Jitsu is your own

Due to the complexity of Jiu Jitsu, there comes a point where one absorbs so much knowledge to the point that it becomes overwhelming. What seemed like an advantage at the lower stages is now confusing you and making it difficult to connect the myriad of techniques which you have diligently worked to add toContinue reading “#199 Jiu Jitsu is your own”

#177 Martial Artists

We are those who dare to see things differently. Martial Arts is the perfect balance of beauty and grace alongside pragmatism and ruthlessness. Such harmony is not seen in nature, it is nature. Like a beautiful ocean that in the next moment is a devastating tsunami, so too is the way of life itself. WeContinue reading “#177 Martial Artists”

#147 The Will to Win

Arguably man’s most precious resource is his will. The will to survive has brought us to this modern civilization we are a part of. It was will which put the Wright brothers in the air, built Henry Ford’s V8 engine and Thomas Edison’s lightbulb. The highest degree of skill and mastery of technique in MartialContinue reading “#147 The Will to Win”

#136 The mind: Your secret weapon

Many in the sports culture are familiar with the phrase “Winning is 90% mental and %10 physical”. What the actual percentage is we will never know but the words still hold a great deal of truth. Napoleon Bonaparte was known as one of the greatest military generals ever. In a time where troops were heavilyContinue reading “#136 The mind: Your secret weapon”

#118 Show Yourself

What an inspiring day with the boys from Lovato’s School of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Martial Arts along with Xande Ribeiro, Victor Hugo and the other Six Blades Jiu Jitsu representatives who attended the IBJJF Oklahoma City Open. The night prior, Lovato and Xande gave beautiful speeches to most of the 88 competitors on theContinue reading “#118 Show Yourself”

Daily blog #75

Outwork everyone My typical day starts with my alarm at 330am, a cold shower, 20 minutes of language, Wim Hof breathing routine, 32oz of water, coffee and 15-20 minutes of reading (currently Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill). Then I pack my things for the day into a gym bag and a work bagContinue reading “Daily blog #75”