#160 Humility and Confidence

As a warrior, self confidence is paramount. As a student, so is humility. The journey of a Martial Artist aims to unify the best of both worlds.

In combat, there is no time to fear or doubt but only to move and move with certainty. Second guessing is never rewarded. In life also, those lacking confidence struggle to advance their place in the world.

In training however, the opposite is true. It is better to maintain a state of curiosity over supreme confidence of what is and what is not. In practice, the truth often changes, failure to acknowledge this confines you to the past.

Without humility to acknowledge your weaknesses and the belief that you can affect the world around you, you are either trapped in the confines of your mind or deceived by arrogance. Only must search for balance in order to find their true power and express themselves fully.

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