#220 How it works and how to do it?

When dealing with learning in any field, you are first faced with the basic task of understanding what exactly it is and what it does. For example, you understand what an airplane is and what it does, without this understanding the parts that make up this great innovation are meaningless. Sometimes students make the mistakeContinue reading “#220 How it works and how to do it?”

#208 You aren’t lazy, you suck at learning…

We all have something we want to be good at. Cooking, school, sports, health, etc. We all personally know a good amount of people struggling to accomplish even the most simple of goals like lose weight. One of the fortunes of my profession is that it allows me to be surrounded by highly motivated andContinue reading “#208 You aren’t lazy, you suck at learning…”

#158 The Queen’s Gambit

If you haven’t already started watching the chess drama on Netflix, The Queen’s Gambit, I recommend it. It’s an amazing story about a gifted young orphan, Beth, who becomes mesmerized by the game of 64 squares. There are many parallels that can be drawn from this show to one’s life. One being that in herContinue reading “#158 The Queen’s Gambit”