We lost a good one #107

Good morning folks, today I had planned to share some updates with you in regards to my daily routine until it was overshadowed by the murder of one of Iran’s most accomplished wrestlers by the name of Navid Afkari (read here). It was incredibly disturbing to find that a 27 year old man was hungContinue reading “We lost a good one #107”

Daily blog #49

Fight to Win Another beautiful day doing what you love is worth everything you endure. Focus on what you love even if it’s your side hustle at the moment. One day it could be your main hustle but if you never try you’ll never know. One thing we will never know is what level ofContinue reading “Daily blog #49”

Daily blog #37

America… F*** yeah! In a time where the country is more divided on issues than ever, July 4th may have been just what we needed. Yesterday there wasn’t a need to go watch fireworks, you could’ve just stepped outside your backyard. One of the reasons we love our country is that on our property noContinue reading “Daily blog #37”

Daily blog #36

Happy 4th of July! Let it be known that freedom is one of my principles as I’m sure it is many of yours. It is also one of my greatest ambitions which motivates me to work hard towards having my ultimate freedom. I wish this for everyone and having grown up in Vietnam and Thailand,Continue reading “Daily blog #36”

Daily blog #35

Beware of false prophets We are living in an age of information that is truly remarkable, never has knowledge been able to travel as far and at as fast a rate, something that has only increased in the last decade. However, there are some downsides, one of which is the spread of information that hasContinue reading “Daily blog #35”

Silence is peace.

There’s an idea circulating right now that is denigrating one of our basic rights as Americans. Freedom of speech, since silence is apparently a statement in itself. There is a great quote “better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt”, ironically enough these words came from AbrahamContinue reading “Silence is peace.”