Daily blog #35

Beware of false prophets

We are living in an age of information that is truly remarkable, never has knowledge been able to travel as far and at as fast a rate, something that has only increased in the last decade. However, there are some downsides, one of which is the spread of information that has not been peer reviewed, a la Fake News. Times like these make snap judgements easy to come by with little regard for others’ views, and positions. As a species, we constantly seek to make the best decision possible for our survival with the information at hand. As you know, we also make different decisions than other humans based on our experiences and perceptions.

You will understand my bewilderment when a fellow human and I arrive at a complex topic such as climate change, Covid19 or the economy in conversation and they, after gleaning a little bit of information on the topic, hold their ground as if they are an expert who should be giving press briefings. It’s one thing to have your opinions and beliefs and to do what’s best for your family but I am shocked by the level of arrogance some people have to go as far as to virtue signal someone who’s decisions do not align with theirs. Isn’t it to each his own? Although nowadays you’ll get in trouble for not saying her, or Z or Zer but fuck it, whatever. What other people think shouldn’t be any of your business especially when it is based on feelings over facts.

Another consideration is that smart people can often be wrong when it comes to complex issues. So while we should hear them out, their words are not the truth, they are not Gods. Optimistically I would like to believe that the intentions of people like Fauci are good but it is up to the individual to determine what the best decision is for them. Stefan Aaranio, author of Hard Times Create Strong Men quotes “the science of today is the laughingstock of tomorrow”, I have to point out that it wasn’t too long ago when were utilizing shaman-esque techniques such as cutting someone in fifty places to get rid of illness. So please, be respectful of other people. If you want to wear a mask in your car, or to bed be my guest, but don’t get mad at the person who is disregarding your rules. America is a free country, if you don’t like something you are free to go somewhere else more suitable for you, that is the beauty of it. If more people adopt this thinking, I believe we can start to chip away at the divisiveness in this country and start accepting our brothers and sisters of this great nation for who they are whether our views align or not.

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