Daily blog #36

Happy 4th of July!

Let it be known that freedom is one of my principles as I’m sure it is many of yours. It is also one of my greatest ambitions which motivates me to work hard towards having my ultimate freedom. I wish this for everyone and having grown up in Vietnam and Thailand, I know that in many underdeveloped countries, the American dream of working hard and building the life you desire unrecognized due to their circumstances. It makes me grateful on one hand to be here and be blessed with the opportunity to work hard towards my goals and on the other hand it makes me sad to see so many people who are born in the USA and do not recognize their privilege as Americans. I was once told by a mentor of mine, who had asked about my experiences growing up in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, that America is not reality. His point was that people who grow up here take for granted many of the liberties that they would not experience outside of this country which leads them to form and express opinions of hatred towards the United States, opinions that are more than tolerated in most places in the USA. If you went to China and spoke against the government or burned the flag, I guarantee they would not be so tolerant. Actually it already happened, it’s called the Tiananmen Square. No country is perfect and many other countries have had much darker histories than ours. Overall the intent of the American people is good from my experience. And if everyone you meet here is an asshole… Well.. Maybe you’re the asshole. But Happy Freedom Day anyway!

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