#222 Lucky

Today I’m feeling lucky. Perhaps it has something to do with the number 222, perhaps it’s the fact I’m alive. Despite California’s hostility towards gyms and fitness I feel lucky to have health, family, purpose, vision, energy when I see so many others who fail to possess such blessings regardless of their wealth and status.Continue reading “#222 Lucky”

#221 Problem solving

Do you remember the feeling after you solved something as a kid, like a puzzle? Undoubtedly it felt good. Turns out, as we get older, life is no different, yet these puzzles present themselves in the form of a troublesome client, a needy girlfriend or a problem you constantly encounter in Jiu Jitsu that hasContinue reading “#221 Problem solving”

#220 How it works and how to do it?

When dealing with learning in any field, you are first faced with the basic task of understanding what exactly it is and what it does. For example, you understand what an airplane is and what it does, without this understanding the parts that make up this great innovation are meaningless. Sometimes students make the mistakeContinue reading “#220 How it works and how to do it?”

#219 Calluses…

Earlier this week while taking a kettlebell course at Team Hargett taught by my brother Steve, I was reintroduced to the all too familiar feeling of blisters. The kind that your hands form, on the verge of tearing with each swing making it more plausible. At first thought, it is irritating. Few look forward toContinue reading “#219 Calluses…”

#218 The Fearless

When you have lost the fear of change, the fear to start from scratch, you have found true power. By clinging to what is, you lose sight of what can be. Sometimes losing everything is the birth of something new. Embrace change, fear remaining the same. Life is a constant flow which demands constant motion,Continue reading “#218 The Fearless”

#217 You’re crazy

“That’s the craziest thing I’ve heard.” Words uttered in so many ways by the masses when: Henry Ford proposed his the Ford T model Thomas Edison went to work on his lightbulb The Wright brothers sought to travel the skies Steve Jobs had a vision of computers being human Donald Trump ran for president inContinue reading “#217 You’re crazy”

#216 Just words

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” The seemingly sound, age old advice is becoming lost by the incoming generations as we creep towards an era where everything is deemed hate speech. As kids we can recall the freedom of being called “dummy” giving USA the option to snapContinue reading “#216 Just words”

#215 Just Try

Try, try and try again. While it is important to take a step back when something isn’t working to come back with a new plan of attack it’s far too common to see people give up at the first sign of resistance. I’ll share with you a piece of advice in regards to mindset. WhenContinue reading “#215 Just Try”

#214 The Easy Way Out

Like the mesmerizing beauty who is shallow beneath her golden skin, the easy way is always there, always tempting, daring you to close your eyes and cast yourself into its depths. Bushido, the way of the warrior, states that “the true essence of bushido is to die”. Our struggles in life come down to fundamentalContinue reading “#214 The Easy Way Out”