#238 The Ultimate Wrestler

Did you know that every day of your life is spent wrestling? The key difference being that in this match the opponent is you. Your thoughts, your convictions, your feelings and your ego are on the line every day and may the best man win.

In order to win any combative event, the fighter must first make up his or her mind that he or she wants to achieve victory. Once you do, it is up to you to hold yourself accountable and own your losses, etc. No fighter exists who’s goal is not to claim victory decidedly.

Once the fighter has began this journey to becoming champion. Issues will arise that must be resolved, poor hydration, lack of strength training, technical errors, etc. It is up to the athlete to do their research and consult teachers, coaches or mentors in order to progress and achieve their goal. This takes time and is a process of trial and error.

Finally, after years of practice and application the athlete may finally reach their goal and conquer the opponent, which in this case is yourself. What you will find over time, is that as long as you are alive you are never truly champion for long. Due to your existence, new challenges and problems will arise forcing you to go back to the lab to strategize before coming back to crush them. The good news is, as exhausting of a process as that might sound, your final product keeps getting and better!

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