#242 What’s stopping your BJJ progress?

For most of us participating in Jiu Jitsu and life, there are things we want to accomplish. Maybe it’s achieving a black belt, winning the world championships or simply feeling confident that you can protect yourself against most aggressors.

On a fundamental level, many of us also understand that our goals are largely a product of time and energy and showing up to class a couple times a week just won’t cut it. The best practitioners are, no doubt, working towards their goals ALL THE TIME or whenever they can. And when they’re not doing it, they’re thinking about it. No one has to tell them to go in outside of class times and drill a technique or study the best competitors and scour YouTube or BJJ Fanatics looking for anything that will help them.

What I hope you understand is that this requires no special characteristics other than first knowing that it will take more than just showing up to the class. The good news is just like a new fitness program, rather than worry about whether your plan is perfect, you just have to start. You’ll find your “perfect” along the journey. And your “perfect” will probably change. The other thing worth knowing is that no matter how well intentioned or qualified your sensei is, they cannot achieve your goal for you. So go the extra mile for yourself, no one is stopping you.

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