#237 Jiu Jitsu the day

Sometimes we wake up energized and ready to attack the day while others we tend to lag behind. So too in Jiu Jitsu do we have days where we feel like our 20 year old version walloping every partner that comes before us along with days where we regret stepping foot in the dojo. Understand,Continue reading “#237 Jiu Jitsu the day”

#236 Being a man

“Man the f*** up!”, a phrase spoken for decades from high school and college weight rooms to business meetings and military boot camps. Nowadays such words are frowned upon. But why? Since when did being a raw beast of a man who could protect his family and work hard towards the ultimate goal of survivalContinue reading “#236 Being a man”

#235 Things take time

Every person who has committed to a worthwhile endeavor or project has met the realization of the time and energy required to create something worthy of admiration. Be it a work of art, a legacy, a societal contribution or any other personal achievement, one is faced with the sheer hours required to produce anything ofContinue reading “#235 Things take time”

#235 Humble pie

For many of us there comes a time in life where we are forced into uncomfortable situations. They can come in the form of losing your job, having to go on unemployment, living beneath your supposed standards, an apology for something you feel you be vindicated, etc. Never has the tool of “humble pie” beenContinue reading “#235 Humble pie”

#234 Sensitive

Did you know that fighters are some of the most sensitive people on the planet? How fitting is it that the toughest strongest athletes on earth often hide behind a fierce demeanor and an impressive record. What escapes the eye of many is the SENSITIVITY needed to be good at fighting at the highest levels.Continue reading “#234 Sensitive”

#233 Why we sleep?

Recently on Audible I began listening to a book titled “Why We Sleep?” written by Matthew Walker. As self explanatory as it sounds, Matt is quick to convince you of the time tested method of restoring biological function for almost any organism and it’s many trivialities. For those interested in better quality of sleep itContinue reading “#233 Why we sleep?”

#232 A hunters perspective

At the end of the day, we are all hunters, whether we opt for a carnivorous or vegan way of life. Even in the business and professional world do we take on the roles of hunter, contributing to the ecosystem with our efforts. Like hunters, if we are no good at our job, we willContinue reading “#232 A hunters perspective”

#231 Getting Doused with Reality

We’ve all had our moments where we were struck by reality. In my case it was attempting to stay in a freezing pool for 5-10 minutes which might have lasted a whole 30 seconds. For others it may be going on a bike ride they’ve completed before only to be met with the feeling ofContinue reading “#231 Getting Doused with Reality”

#230 Adapt your Jiu Jitsu

Today I woke up with a nagging shoulder injury. Of course it happened the day before I was scheduled to work with a private group of women in the Palm Springs area. Luckily, and thanks to some CBD roll on and my ever trusted Aleve, by the time I got there it had loosened up.Continue reading “#230 Adapt your Jiu Jitsu”

#229 Just roll with it

It’s the last day of training for the week, everything is feeling great, you are at your best physically, mentally and even feeling motivated. Then, crash!!! You are reminded of your mortality by a snap, crackle pop. As the realization of an injury sets in, negative thoughts begin to fill your mind. This is onlyContinue reading “#229 Just roll with it”