Daily blog #68

Motivation, discipline and accountability

Some days, like today for me, we aren’t really feeling it yet we still have to get up and go to work, the gym, work on stuff etc. A good friend and mentor once told me “motivation gets you started and discipline keeps you going” but what happens when you are running out of will (especially with something like Covid19 affecting our energy negatively) to keep going? Human nature is to grow complacent and how then do we continue to follow that diet plan, exercise or get to Jiu Jitsu class? Times like these are when having the right people around you can be your only remaining source of strength.

Not everyone knows that each individual is a team in some sense. All of our work and success in life is built with and through others. For the family man or the college grad living with his fiancé, these are the people in your life who you see and are around every day. Imagine you are on a new plan to get in shape and everything is going great until a couple weeks in it hits you. You wake up feeling like you don’t want to go do cardio and you can’t stomach another salad. What would be the difference in outcome if your wife was really into health and working out versus being really into baking and art? There’s a power that comes with knowing that your team will both lift you up and hold you accountable. It can be your basketball team, your girlfriend, the friends you formed a start up company with but it should ultimately drive you in the direction of your goals even on days you don’t want to.

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