Daily blog #69

Life is filled with pain, loss and tragedy. My heart breaks for those affected by the explosion in Lebanon. Unbeknownst to the citizens of Beruit that day, fate decided to strike and claim the lives of 130 people, injuring many others. One can only imagine the terror that ensued in a second’s notice. So often we take for granted the comforts of this world, the company of those we treasure and the gift of life itself. To see something so devastating happen to such a beautiful city can only remind us of the reality of life for many despite the security provided by technological advancements. Rather than filling our minds with sadness we can direct our thoughts towards gratitude for our blessings. In martial arts you must learn to control what you can control and while we cannot affect the lives of those thousands of miles away we can choose to positively impact our community with genuine acts of kindness and understanding for one another.

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