Daily blog #47


Yesterday I watched an interview by a legendary coach who I have the utmost respect for, John Danaher. In my opinion, no one has brought a more intelligent and systematic approach to Jiu Jitsu than the Renzo Gracie student. His understanding of the fighting arts, ranging from Judo to Wrestling and MMA (that I know of), are evident in his teachings despite being known primarily for the Danaher Death Squad who are known for their No Gi and Submission Only pedigree of Jiu Jitsu. In the interview he discussed a very important principle to me as a Martial Artist, Kaizen. Kaizen is a Japanese word that refers to the idea of daily incremental progress, it’s application can be found in business, Martial Arts or even as one’s personal philosophy on life. His perspective is that 95% of one’s day to day activities are completely repetitive and mundane. The understanding that most of your life requires you show up and make marginal improvement daily might be one of the most important acknowledgements one can make. Compounded over time what you choose to do or not do with your day can result in either a complete waste of your time or an incredible investment. I see this philosophy lacking in application often in Jiu Jitsu from both wannabe competitors and your typical recreational student who fails to come to terms with the idea of showing up every day to get a fraction of a percentage better. Hearing it put so simply from one of the most accredited coaches, senseis, instructors or whatever you want to call him in should encourage you knowing that we all have the power to improve daily. Now, while getting better is a vague instruction, if you made it your chief aim the result might be watching your BJJ class rather than skipping it altogether. So, my summation for you is, seize the day, whatever you love, seek to be the best at it and apply the principle of Kaizen. At worst you will not be the best but rather very very good at it and hopefully happier altogether 🙂

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