Daily blog #46

Cost of sleeping in

Today I slept in till 5AM (I know right?), I was beat from all the traveling (The day before I woke up at 2AM to fly from Dallas to Los Angeles where we drove back to unpack, shower and have a quick briefing before Jiu Jitsu practice at 12PM. Immediately following BJJ training at 2PM we received news that gyms in California were once again shut down due to Covid 19 which sent us into scramble mode to cancel classes and strategize etc. Needless to say when I got home at 6PM I was POOPED. I chose to sleep in knowing my first appointment was at 6AM and sacrificing my routine morning rituals. Driving to work I couldn’t help but notice the difference in how I usually feel on my way to work which I must attribute to what I do each morning to put me in a successful state of mind (breathing, visioning, language, writing my blog). Interestingly while being more rested than usual I felt more rushed in all my tasks to get to work and less prepared to tackle the day. A great reminder to me that everything has a cost, even though sleeping more can be great for the body it doesn’t always result in the highest state of productivity at least in my experience. So, tomorrow I will continue the fight for balance by waking up at 330AM for my first appointment at 5AM 😉

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