Daily blog #45

There’s no place like home

There’s nothing to me like the feeling of adventure. Packing up your essentials and hitting the road can deliver a great deal of joy contrasted only by the feeling of longing for home. A child who can’t wait to get out and explore the world sooner or later realizes his or her desire for a warm home and a hot meal with family. My max for most trips seems to be somewhere between three to five days before I start to get antsy. Which made me think, it’s not just “home” that I miss. I could care less for my apartment and the few material things that make it up but more so my trusty old schedule I have developed over the years which enables me to feel at my best. To go deeper, it’s also a sense of purpose that fulfills. In my case that could be growing our kids Martial Arts program, working with clients or hammering away at projects with the team. It’s 6AM here as I type, in Fort Worth as our plane taxis and gets ready to take flight towards Los Angeles. Upon landing we’ll strategize in the car and jump straight into meetings and preparing for my upcoming fight (more details coming soon), ending the day with Kids and Adults Jiu Jitsu classes followed by a hot meal, warm shower and a deep and restful sleep. How could a day that a day that begins at 3AM (1AM PST) and ends at 8AM PST have any appeal? It couldn’t. Unless you were to experience the fulfillment that comes with having a vision and a plan to go with it. As much as it is necessary to take the show to the road, often in regards to your vision, your home is the place that brings you the closest to your vision. In that sense, “home” is not solely defined by where you live or your parents live but rather where you thrive and are best suited to accomplish your goals.

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