Daily blog #48

Beginners complicate, experts simplify

It’s weigh-in day as I head to the great state of Texas before fighting tomorrow. I’m not excited, just content, happy to be where I am and have the support I have. Many of us have a support system which allows us to thrive, it can be family members, teachers, bosses or even friends. Oftentimes one or more of those people are an expert in the area you aspire to excel in. In my case it’s my brother who is also a BJJ black belt. His input is a tremendous addition to my skills in the way of constantly guiding me to simplify my Jiu Jitsu and focus on fundamentals. As we mature, many of us understand that while it’s important to be creative and try new things, most of our efforts should be directed towards mastery of the basics. You’ll hear it from legendary basketball coach John Wooden to leaders of finance and many other specialties. Yet it escapes the majority of us who are drawn to the superficial, this can lead to foundational gaps which ultimately result in failure to some degree. While some of us recognize this and some of us do not, we all have something that we love or are truly passionate about. If you aren’t already putting your energy towards breaking the simple things down to the tiniest level of detail that you can, I urge to to take that step. It may be boring at times like the reliable Toyota versus the sporty Corvette or good wife versus the hot supermodel, but that is where greatness is born and there is no greater freedom than being able to achieve yours.

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